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2D Floor Plans for Real Estate Pricing

Floor Plans & Your Real estate listings

Why floor plans are so important to your real estate marketing & listings

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This price is for all floor plans up to 3,000 sq ft. An additional cost of $25 for anything larger than 3,000 sq ft.

Real estate websites have an average of 20,000,000 views per month on floor plans alone. According to Zillow, floor plans are the 2nd most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing potential leads.

The market currently demands that real estate agents use floor plans for all listings, thus real estate agents should include floor plans into their listings.

Our professional floor plans can be customised to incorporate your own branding and logo. We provide the floor plans in JPG (4000 x 3000px), PNG (6000 x 4500px) and SVG file formats and all floor plans in one multipage PDF.

Our 2D Black & White Floor Plans have a professional and modern look, they are easy to read, identify all rooms and include indications of kitchen, bathroom and laundry fittings. Floor plans can also highlight the location of the residence, garage, pool, courtyards and other important external amenities.

Displaying a Property's Layout

A floor plan is a great way to show the layout of all the rooms in a home or building. Often photographs alone cannot convey this information. Home buyers are often interested in the exact dimensions of the rooms in a home for sale.

Put the Home Buyer First

Buyers love floor plans as they provide important information about the property. According to, click-through rates increase by 54% when adding a floor plan to a listing. Because listings are targeted towards buyers, real estate agents should consider including floor plans in all their marketing materials to improve their sales.

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It's Memorable for the Home Buyers

The typical home buyer searches for 2 months and looks at over 10 properties before purchasing a house. Adding a floor plan makes your listing stand out. It helps buyers remember the home’s layout and property flow better.

It Saves Everyone Time

From the 2D floor plans, potential home buyers will know immediately if they are interested in the home's layout or not. Also, real estate agents can qualify potential home buyers before showing them the home.

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