Residential Real Estate Photography Pricing for NJ & NY

Residential Real Estate Photography Pric

Please see our residential real estate photography prices below for your residential real estate and property photography needs. These real estate pricing packages are meant to serve a large percentage of our customers. However, we do understand that there are cases where our clients have special requests or needs. If you have questions about a particular property that may not fit within our pricing structure below, please feel free to contact us.  We would love to speak with you and provide you a quote for any project that might be outside our typical real estate photography packages. Click here if you would like to see some of our more recent residential real estate photography projects.

Real estate photography pricing will vary from agency to agency. We priced our real estate photography prices to be both competitive within the industry and fair to our customers and clients. Our flat-rate pricing information includes everything you need for a collection of beautiful photographs that will exceed your expectations.

You spend precious marketing dollars to get your residential and commercial real estate listings in the eyes of the right buyers. Therefore, you’ll want to make sure that you’re working with real estate photography experts who really know what they’re doing. Here are a few great reasons why you should reach out to Danzi Photography for all of your real estate photography needs:

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24-Hour Turnaround Time

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

HDR Photography Available (upon request)

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All Post Processing / Color Correction at No Extra Cost

Available Around Your Schedule

Licensed & Insured

Residential Real Estate Photography Pricing

Please use this residential real estate pricing structure for an approximate quote. These approximate costs are provided for your convenience so you may get a quick understanding of our pricing based on your needs. Please keep in mind that we are aware every one of our customer’s situations and needs is different so we will do our best to work within your budget.

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In 2021, a professional real estate photography agency scheduling a two-hour real estate photoshoot in New York City and New Jersey typically prices their services anywhere between $250 to $500 depending on the size of the property and the time spent on-site. On average, one-hour real estate photography pricing will cost around $250 and a four-hour shoot could cost you over $1,000. Of course, there are many factors involved in pricing. New York and New Jersey’s real estate photographer prices are typically 27% above the US national average. Similar average pricing applies to shoots in the following categories: real estate, architectural, Airbnb, property, interior and houses, apartments, or condominiums.

We wanted to explain this to our potential clients and customers to show that Danzi Photography is in line with the area’s fees for real estate photography. We do our best to keep our costs low while providing outstanding results and service. We do everything we can to work within the budget of our clients and customers while still maintaining nothing but the highest integrity and we stand by our work.